Daniel Stisen Productions Ltd, was founded by former bodybuilder and actor Daniel Stisen, in 2015.


DSP is a awarded film productions house specialises in international independent lowbud/mediumbud action and sports/fitness movies, videos and content, mainly for online platforms.


Our feature-film budgets run from $ 500.000 and upward, depend on the project, which is small by Hollywood standards, but substantial in independent and European markets. Our ambition is to deliver box office winners in individual national markets for our mainstream action and sport and internationally in defined niche markets.


The Production team and crew are mainly based in London, UK. The team is made up of  30-40 independent mix of experienced and new educated high end film-crew from Britain, EU, and US.


DSP can collaborate by co-produce with overseas partners from EU and US on London based productions.


Our film equipment rental partners:

VMI and  DecodeUK

DSP Accountants:



DSP Legal advicer:

Harbottle & Lewis

Insurance partner:

Integro Entertainment

Mission & Ethics


DSP 's powerful stories are rooted in strong Western values.


We believe in empowered individualism within a supportive community. We promote progressive ideas, diligent work ethic, and the civilizatory virtues of free markets and human rights. We create stories meant to inspire individuals and bond humanity.