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Rogue Hunter

Producer:    Daniel Stisen

Director:      Jesse Haaja

Writer:         Daniel Stisen

Co/Writer:   James Keating 

Genre:         Action/Thriller

When the love of his life and mother of his unborn child is brutally murdered while providing humanitarian aid;

Jeger goes in search of her killers and on an arduous, bloody mission of vengeance, which is recorded for posterity and for the whole world to witness.


Alone on a planet and with his own thoughts, a man has only three days to live and discover his true identity.

Producer: Daniel Stisen

Director:   Nick Wall

Writers:    James Keating

                  Daniel Stisen

Genre:      Sci-Fi


Producers:          Daniel Stisen

                             Simona Roman

Writer/creator:   Daniel Stisen

Co-Writer:           James Keating

Starring:              Daniel Stisen

He has no memory, no purpose, but when attempts are made on his life; he finds himself following a bloody trail that leads back to his real identity, while on a mission of retribution.



Producer:         Daniel Stisen

Screenwriter:   Daniel Stisen

Genre:               Bodybuilding Drama


In the iconic age of muscle heroes, Norwegian bodybuilder David Hansen arrives at Venice Beach to pursue his American dream in the mid 1980’s. Stallone and Schwarzenegger are the heroes of Hollywood and a steady stream of young men with bulging muscles sign up for Gold’s Gym in the Mecca where sweat and iron are the building blocks of boundless ambition.


David and former Marine Chris embark on a quest to conquer the Mr. America title with the help of Steve, former Mr. Universe – now Gold’s Gym caretaker. The naïve Norwegian struggles in a destructive relationship with aspiring musician and nighttime dancer Kim.


Long nights and recreational drug use is a poor match for his intense training regime. Raging on steroids, David beats up a lap dance customer and goes to jail for two months where he reconnects with his core. It is not too late to get in shape for the Mr. America bout with heavyweight champion Goliath, but it would require an almost inhuman dedication.


Chris gets shot in a drug house where he is pleading with Kim. David swears on his deathbed, whatever it takes, he will win that trophy for the both of them.


Producer:                   Scott Fivelson

Executive Producer: Daniel Stisen

Org. Novel by:           Charles Dickens

Screenplay by:           Scott  Fivelson

Genre: Fantasy


Daniel Stisen

Ralf Moeller

Fred Williamson

Micheal Pare

James Morrison

William Forsythe

Dennis Storhoi

Daniel Stisen Production LTD


A modern take on the Charles Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol" - in Oslo, Norway.


Producer: Daniel Stisen

Writer:      Daniel Stisen

Genre:      Sci-Fi/Action


In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, “Muscle” and “Driver” are nomads, who refuse to band together with their fellow survivors, who strife against the hording mutants.


They’re allied to no one and survive by trading for the medicine that keeps them from transforming into mutants themselves.


The adopted siblings have a greater destiny however, which makes itself apparent as they travel from shanty town to shanty town.


Producers:  Producing partner Daniel Stisen Productions LTD.

Writer:         Fansu Njie 

Director:      Fansu Njie 

Genre:         Fantasy Thriller 



Producer: Daniel Stisen

Writers:    James Keating

                  Daniel Stisen

Genre:      Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller

A father risks his own life, to save his daughter from the infamous and deadly reality show "The Game".

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