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Rex & Regina

The Lieutenants of an infamous criminal organization intend to seize power from "the emperor" after coming together in a twisted and violent sexual relationship.


When everyone around them is dead, the lovers battle each other to the death on one bloody Valentine’s Day.

Producer: Daniel Stisen

Director:   Nick Wall

Writers:    Daniel Stisen

                  James Keating

Genre:      Action Short


Main Cast:

Daniel Stisen

Rex & Regina: Mission Valentines

Producer: Daniel Stisen

Director: Nick Wall

Writer: Daniel Stisen

Genre: Action Short


Main Cast:

Daniel Stisen

Phil Tommy 

Grant Stevens

It's time to RETRIBUTE!!!!!!

He has no memory, no purpose, but when attempts are made on his life; he finds himself following a bloody trail that leads back to his real identity, while on a mission of retribution.

The Box

Producer:  Daniel Stisen

Directors:  Nick Wall & Daniel Stisen

Screenwriter:  Daniel Stisen

Genre: Short Boxing-Montage


Main Cast:

Daniel Stisen

Mark Epstein







5min Shortfilm about the mental preperation of the British Boxing Champion and his coach, before he enter their next fight.

Never Too Big - Prequel 

Producer: Daniel Stisen

Director: XXXXXXXX

Writer: Mads Larsen

Genre: Short

Sports Dramady


Main Cast:

Daniel Stisen

Kim Kold 




Daniel was Norway's greatest bodybuilding talent until he got overly cocky on a photo shoot. Four years later he is too old and too injured to ever build world-class muscle size. Meanwhile his junior day nemesis Steven Lang is reigning champion and set to win Arnold Schwarzenegger's new tournament Never Too Big. The Idol-inspired 24/7 reality-TV concept is meant to be a game changer that will bring bodybuilding to huge mainstream audiences. Back at his father's gym in Oslo, Daniel sits down with an old acquaintance. A vial is slid across the table. An offer is made. In it is the holy grail of pharmaceuticals, the product of a race that started in 1997 when scientists discovered the gene that controls myostatin. It's a protein that tells your body to stop when it's grown sufficient muscle size. If you turn it off, you get Belgian Blue cows. You get mice that double their lean muscle mass in weeks. This new drug works great to put a few kilos on aging dystrophy patients, but is yet to be tested on excessive weightlifters or young men. Its promise is that a few shots is all it takes for anyone to grow lean and muscular. The potential black market is worth billions. All they need is the right poster boy to prove their point. And to find out what the possible side effects of unrestrained abuse could be. Daniel is given a second chance to live the dream he has sacrificed so much for. The fame, the money, the women, and the championship - all he has to risk are his health and his life. In New Orleans waits a showdown Daniel has dreamt of and prepared for his entire life. For men like him, muscles and dreams are Never Too Big.

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